CHI Series

This conference series page currently lists all past CHI conferences. More information will be added in the near future.




North America


Yokohama, Japan

Yoshifumi Kitamura, Aaron Quigley, Takeo Igarashi and Katherine Isbister


Honolulu, Hawai’i, USA

Regina Bernhaupt, Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller, Andy Cockburn and Joanna McGrenere

2019 : Weaving the Threads of CHI

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Stephen Brewster, Geraldine Fitzpatrick,Anna Cox and Vassilis Kostakos

2018 : Engage with CHI

Montréal, Canada

Regan Mandryk, Mark Hancock, Mark Perry and Anna Cox

2017 : Explore, Innovate, Inspire

Denver, Colorado, USA

Sue Fussell, Gloria Mark, Cliff Lampe and m.c. schraefel

2016 : CHI4GOOD

San Jose, California, USA

Allison Druin, Jofish Kaye and Cliff Lampe

2015 : Crossings

Seoul, Korea

Bo Begole, Jinwoo Kim, Woontack Woo and Kori Inkpen

2014 : One of a CHInd

Toronto, Canada

Matt Jones, Philippe Palanque, Albrecht Schmidt and Tovi Grossman

2013 : Changing Perspectives

Paris, France

Wendy E. Mackay, Patrick Baudisch and Michel Beaudouin-Lafon

2012 : It’s the Experience!

Austin, Texas, USA

Joseph A. Konstan, Ed H. Chi and Kristina Höök,

2011 : Connecting

Vancouver, Canada

Desney Tan, Bo Begole and Wendy Kellogg

2010 : We are HCI

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Elizabeth Mynatt, Keith Edwards and Tom Rodden

2009 : Digital Life, New World

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Dan R. Olsen Jr., Ken Hinckley and Meredith Ringel Morris

2008 :

Florence, Italy

Mary Czerwinski, Arnie Lund and Desney Tan

2007 : Reach Beyond

San Jose, California, USA

Mary Beth Rosson and David Gilmore

2006 : Interact.Inform.Inspire

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Gary Olson and Robin Jeffries

2005 : Technology, Safety, Community

Portland, Oregon, USA

Gerrit van der Veer and Carolyn Gale

2004 : Connect

Vienna, Austria

Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson and Manfred Tscheligi

2003 : New Horizons

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Gilbert Cockton and Panu Korhonen

2002 : Changing the World, Changing Ourselves

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Dennis Wixon and Loren Terveen

2001 : Anyone. Anywhere.

Seattle, Washington

Julie Jacko and Andrew Sears

2000 : The Future is Here

The Hague, The Netherlands

Thea Turner and Gerd Szwillus

1999 : The CHI is the Limit

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Marian G. Williams and Mark W. Altom

1998 : Making the Imposible Possible

Los Angeles, California, USA

Claire-Marie Karat and Arnold Lund

1997 : Looking to the Future

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Alan Edwards and Steven Pemberton

1996 : Common Ground

Vancouver, Canada

Kevin Schofield and Michael Tauber

1995 : Mosaic of Creativity

Denver, Colorado, USA

Terry Roberts and Scott Robertson

1994 : Celebrating Interdependence

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Tom Hewett and Wendy Kellogg

1993 (INTERCHI) : Bridges Between Worlds

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Bert Arnold, Gerrit van der Veer and Ted White

1992 : Striking a Balance

Monterey, California, USA

Jim Miller and John “Scooter” Morris

1991 : Reaching through Technology

New Orleans, Louisiana,USA

Keith Butler and John Thomas

1990 : Empowering People

Seattle, Washington, USA

Gene Lynch and John Meads

1989 : Wings for the Mind

Austin, Texas, USA

Bill Curtis and Clayton Lewis


Washington, D.C., USA

J. J. O”Hare and Sylvia Sheppard

1987 (joint conference with Graphics Interface)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Ron Baecker and William Buxton


Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Marilyn Mantei and Raoul Smith


San Francisco, California, USA

Lorraine Borman and Austin Henderson


Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Raoul N. Smith and Richard W. Pew


Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA

Jean A. Nichols and Michael L. Schneider