Welcome to the CHI Steering Committee


In July 2016, the SIGCHI Executive Committee (EC) set up the CHI Steering Committee (SC) to gather data and knowledge about the CHI conference (to be used in defining strategic evolutions) and its organization processes. Since 2018, the CHI SC is responsible for overseeing the running of the ACM CHI Conference series. The SC serves as a focal point for communications between the conference committee, CHI attendees, CHI committees, CHI vendors, CHI liaison, SIGCHI and the SIGCHI Services Staff. While issues impacting only a single CHI conference (e.g., CHI 2020) are largely determined by its General Chairs, the SC takes responsibility for issues that have impact across multiple CHI Conferences. For example, these include the selection of venues and key positions for upcoming CHI conferences. The SC further ensures individual CHI Conferences are sufficiently set up, overseeing and evaluating milestones, technical programmes, contracts, accessibility, diversity and inclusion, and more.

Launched May 2019, this website slowly grows towards being a central access point for information about CHI overarching processes, and to easily allow the CHI community to get involved and be heard. As such, we will also explore more dynamic content such that we can interact with the community on ongoing tasks and activities.


The CHI Steering Committee (SC) reports to the SIGCHI Executive Committee (EC), and is tasked with establishing objectives for CHI, compatible with SIGCHI Executive Committee (EC) objectives and vision for CHI, and to ensure that the mechanisms for accomplishing these goals are put in place. The SC should serve as a focal point for communications between the CHI Conference Committee, SIGCHI EC, and the ACM Headquarters Staff. The SIGCHI EC maintains responsibility over:

Flowchart of Steering Committee within SIGCHI
Simplified overview of the CHI Steering Committee within SIGCHI.
  • long term, joint sponsorship agreements between ACM and other societies,
  • approval of final CHI budget each year,
  • identification of regions of interest for future venue sites,
  • approval of final CHI site selection,
  • setting long-term vision (including aspirations and long-term goals) for CHI,
  • approval of CHI General Chairs, Technical Program Chairs and Papers Chairs as proposed by CHI SC, and
  • organization of SIGCHI related events at and around CHI (e.g. awards dinner, town hall, etc.).

Detailed responsibilities of the CHI SC and SIGCHI EC are currently outlined on the responsibilities page.