(updated June 13, 2022)

The Steering Committee chair is appointed by the SIGCHI Executive Committee and reports to the SIGCHI Executive Committee. CHI SC membership is by invitation from the SC (via the Chair). Senior members of the community who are interested in serving on the Steering Committee should inform the SC Chair of their willingness. The normal term of service is five years. Members can be renominated. Normally a member of the steering committee in any combination of roles would not be expected to serve for more than 10 consecutive years.

Expected memberships include one General Chair for the CHI conference in two years, in one year, both General chairs of the CHI Committee of the running year, and one General Chair of the CHI from past year. As the CHI Steering Committee (invited membership) reports to the SIGCHI Executive Committee (elected membership), concurrent service on the two committees is not permitted.

The current (and past) members of the Steering Committee are:

Steering Committee Leadership

Cliff Lampe (SC Chair 2022–2024)
University of Michigan, USA

CHI 2016 & CHI 2017 Technical Program Co-chair; CHI 2022 General Co-Chair, Former SIGCHI Executive VP & VP Publications

Regan Mandryk (SC Chair Emeritus 2022–2024)
University of Saskatchewan, Canada

CHI2018 General C0-chair, SC Chair 2019–2022

Aaron Quigley (SC Chair Elect 2022–2024)
St Andrews University, United Kingdom

CHI 2021 General Co-chair, Former SIGCHI VP Conferences

Voting Members

Caroline Appert (SC Data Director)
Université Paris Saclay, France

CHI 2017 Papers Co-Chair, CHI 2022 Technical Program Chair

Simone Barbosa
PUC-Rio, Brazil

CHI 2022 General Co-chair; CHI SIGs Co-chair (2015–2016); CHI 2011 Panels Co-chair; CHI 2005 Short papers Co-chair

Steve Brewster (SC GC Liaison)
University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

CHI 2019 General Co-chair, CHI 2013 & CHI 2014 Papers and Notes Co-chair

Anna Cox (SC TPC Liaison)
University College London, United Kingdom

CHI 2018 & CHI 2019 Technical Program Co-chair

Ashley Cozzi (ACM Liaison)

ACM liaison and CHI conference historical perspective

Geraldine Fitzpatrick (SC Future Chairs and Volunteer Development Director)
TU Wien (Technical University Vienna)

CHI2019 General Co-Chair, CHI Papers & Notes Co-Chair (2010–2011)

Tovi Grossman
University of Toronto, Canada

CHI 2014 Technical Program Co-chair, SC Vice Chair 2019–2022

Katherine Isbister
University of California, Santa Cruz

CHI 2021 Technical Program Co-chair

Yoshifumi Kitamura
Sendai University, Japan

CHI 2021 General Co-chair

Raja S. Kushalnagar (SC Accessibility Director)
Gallaudet University, USA

Accessibility at CHI Conferences

Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller
RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

CHI 2020 General Co-chair

Philippe Palanque (SC Site Selection Director)
Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier, France

CHI 2014 General C0-chair, CHI 2019 & CHI 2020 SC Liaison, CHI Steering Committee Chair (2016–2019)

Max L. Wilson
University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

CHI2019 Panels, CHI Courses Chair (2017–2018), CHI Social Media Chair (2014–2016) CHI Madness Chair (2010–2011)

Observing Members

a man, smiling

Nitesh (Tesh) Goyal
Google Research

CHI 2023 Technical Program Chair

Christina Harrington
DePaul University, USA

CHI 2022 Accessibility, Equity, & Social Justice Chair

a man, slightly smiling

Per Ola Kristensson
University of Cambridge, UK

CHI 2023 Technical Program Chair

Anicia Peters
University of Namibia, Namibia

CHI 2023 Technical Progam Chair

a picture of a man smiling in front of a bookcase

Albrecht Schmidt
LMU Munich, Germany

CHI 2014 TPC, CHI 2023 General Chair

Profile picture of David A. Shamma

David A. Shamma
Toyota Research Institute, USA

CHI 2022 Technical Program Chair, SIGCHI VP of Operations (2018–2020)

Katta Spiel
TU Wien, Austria

CHI 2022 Accessibility, Equity, & Social Justice Chair, CHI 2020 alt.chi Co-Chair, CHI 2019 Assistant to the General Chairs

a woman smiling

Kaisa Väänänen
Tampere University, Finland

CHI 2023 General Chair

Past Members

Regina Bernhaupt
TU/e Eindhoven, The Netherlands

CHI 2020 General C0-chair

Andy Cockburn
University of Canterbury, New Zealand

CHI 2020 Technical Program Co-chair, CHI 2014 & CHI 2015 Papers and Notes Co-chair

Carl Gutwin
University of Saskatchewan, Canada

CHI 2011 Papers & Notes Co-chair, CHI SC: 2016–2020

Matt Jones (SC Sponsorship Director)
Swansea University, United Kingdom

CHI 2014 General Co-chair

Takeo Igarashi
Tokyo University, Japan

CHI 2021 Technical Program Co-chair

Kori Inkpen
Microsoft Research, USA

CHI 2015 & CHI 2016 Technical Program Co-chair

Jinwoo Kim
Yonsei University, Korea

CHI 2015 General Co-chair

Joseph A. Konstan
University of Minnesota, USA

CHI 2012 General Chair

Jennifer Mankoff
University of Washington, USA

Accessibility at CHI conferences

Joanna McGrenere
University of British Columbia, Canada

CHI 2020 Technical Program Co-chair

Scooter Morris
University of California, San Francisco

CHI 1992 General Co-chair, past SIGCHI VP for conferences, past CMC chair

Allison Druin
Pratt Institute, USA

CHI 2016 General Co-chair

Meredith Ringel Morris
Microsoft Research, USA

CHI 2009 Technical Program Chair