Requesting Participation in Curated Venues at CHI

This is an internal policy that guides how the SIGCHI Executive Committee and the CHI Steering Committee can host events at the annual CHI conference.

  • Effective Date: Tuesday, November 19, 2019 
  • Responsibility: CHI Steering Committee Chair

For CURATED venues, there may be submissions of strategic importance to the General Chairs (GCs), the Technical Program Chairs (TPCs), the CHI Steering Committee (SC), or the SIGCHI Executive Committee (EC) that venue chairs are required to accept. However, these submissions must be submitted by the deadline for that venue and submitters must notify the CHI SC chair in advance of the venue deadline. This deadline is required:

  • Because there may be grassroots submissions or multiple submissions for those strategic directions that are satisfying the goals of the GCs/TPCs/SC/EC and can be considered by the venue chairs
  • Because the venue chairs need to be aware of how many submissions they can accept due to space constraints
  • Because there should be no circumventing of the process by the GCs/TPCs/SC/EC. 

The CHI SC chair will communicate the EC and SC strategic submissions to the TPCs &GCs  within 2 weeks of the submission deadline, and the TPCs will communicate decisions on strategic directions to the venue chairs to take into account in their decision process. 

Note: For events that are not part of an existing venue, the request from the SC or EC must be made by Aug 31st of the year preceding the conference, according to the CHI SC Policies.