Propose Changes to Subcommittees (for CHI2021 and beyond)

The CHI Steering Committee oversees modifications to the subcommittee structure of CHI’s Papers track.  The Steering Committee intends to continue the current philosophy of having subcommittees reflect domains of interaction within CHI, rather than introducing subcommittees that reflect particular methodologies.

Those considering proposals for new subcommittees should first consider how current subcommittees might be modified to better support their topic of interest. If rewording the subcommittee description or altering membership can resolve the need, then a request for the modification should be sent to the Chair of the Steering Committee.

Any proposal for a new subcommittee should be sent to the Chair of the Steering Committee. Proposals are due by July 1st of year X for CHI X+2. A decision on the proposal will be communicated to the proposers shortly after CHI X+1.

Proposals should contain the following information:

  • proposed subcommittee title;
  • topic details, including the scientific aspects it covers;
  • examples of previous CHI activities that demonstrate the growth of the community associated with this topic (e.g., SIGs, workshops);
  • relationship with existing SCs, including topics that are/aren’t covered by existing SCs;
  • expected number of submissions, including the number of submissions that will migrate from other SCs and the number of new submissions that
  • would not otherwise have been submitted to CHI;
  • a list of people would be expert in ACing or reviewing papers for that SC;
  • a list of keywords/topics (similar to the current description of existing SC on CHI conference web page);
  • list of CHI papers that would be directly related to this sub-committee (or some paper from other SIGCHI sponsored conferences that would fit).