Policy on CHI Steering Committee Working Groups

This document provides the policy for how working groups are formed and operated within the CHI Steering Committee.

  • Effective Date: Tuesday, November 19, 2019
  • Responsible: SIGCHI Adjunct Chair for CHI Steering Committee

The CHI Steering Committee (CHI SC) will be forming a number of working groups (WG) over the upcoming years. Members of working groups are expected to attend regular meetings, contribute to discussions, and contribute towards documenting practices, suggesting changes, defining processes, and producing or revising CHI SC policy. The following process for WGs is a guideline that is suggested to be followed, but could be revised on a case-by-case basis as needed. 

Phase One: Formation of Working Group

  • Step 1: Chairs of Working Group (WG) selected by Steering Committee (SC) (or an existing group is asked to take on a specific goal and chairs are chosen).
  • Step 2: The goals, tasks, and expected outcomes of the WG are agreed upon by SC and WG chairs.
  • Step 3: Qualifications for WG membership agreed upon by WG Chairs and SC, and SC representation on the WG is chosen (if applicable).
  • Step 4: Targeted recruitment of WG members plus typically an open call to the community.

Phase Two: Meeting of Working Group

  • Step 5: WG meets and does their work according to their own process.
    • Note that this work may involve community consultation, which could include meetings, panels, workshops, or other events at the CHI conference. 
  • Step 6: WG sends outcomes (e.g., guidelines, proposal, process, vision) to SC.

Phase Three: Feedback to Working Group

  • Step 7: SC comments and sends back to WG within two meeting cycles (two months).
  • Step 8: WG presents to broad community (possibly through events at the CHI conference) and solicits comments for a minimum timeframe of one month.
  • Step 9: WG integrates community feedback, sends revised outcomes back to SC.

Phase Four: Adoption of Outcomes and Communication to Community

  • Step 10: SC formalizes adoption of outcomes related to policies with a vote or sends back to WG (step 5). For outcomes that do not affect policy (e.g., visions, proposals), the SC will communicate these to the CHI Community (step 11).
  • Step 11: SC publishes outcomes on their blog with an accompanying letter by the WG about the process that includes responses to the community feedback, justifying why community comments were integrated or not integrated. 
  • Step 12: WG/SC considers additional public-facing announcements (e.g., Panel or Ask Me Anything (AMA) at CHI, Interactions article).