CHI Conference Series: Vision and Values


The CHI conference advances research in human-computer interaction (HCI), human-centred technologies, and interaction design through the dissemination of research, promotion of discourse, and community development initiatives. It is a gathering of researchers from academia, practitioners from industry, and students from around the globe, who research, practice, and teach HCI and interaction design and related disciplines.

Be the flagship event for HCI

  • The CHI conference prides itself on provoking engaging conversations that take place between conference attendees.
  • The CHI conference presents the best and latest state-of-the art research.
  • The CHI conference exposes practitioners to the latest research and researchers to current industry practice, bringing also policy-makers, students, etc. into this conversation.
  • The CHI conference is committed to being supportive of attendees at all stages of their career.

Bring a diversity of HCI people together to change the world

  • The HCI community is diverse, and we ensure that a range of perspectives are considered and various levels of experience are included.
  • The CHI conference brings together the various HCI communities to celebrate successes and plan future activities and events.

Maintain continuity from year to year

  • Conference organizing committees seek to deliver on the vision, purpose and values of the CHI conference.
  • Institutional memory is transferred to incoming conference volunteers through the sharing of documented processes, insights, and peer council.
  • Though each conference is distinct, the overall voice, character, and values of the CHI conference permeate.

Core Values

To advance, to confer, to inspire

The CHI conference advances the field of HCI. This is achieved through excellence in the work being presented, but also includes valuing conferring, where presenters and attendees work together to understand and advance the discipline. 

The CHI conference values the open exchange of ideas and the freedom of thought and expression.  This requires an environment that recognizes the inherent worth of every person and group, that fosters dignity, understanding, and mutual respect, and that embraces diversity.


The CHI conference is transparent in its processes and organisation. We collaborate internally to exchange ideas, communicate progress, and confirm responsibilities. 

Celebrate diversity and inclusion

The CHI conference aims to be a safe and secure environment. We welcome all attendees regardless of experience, nationality, gender identity, sexuality, race, religion, or impairment. Our sessions and social events aim to be inclusive and accessible.

The CHI conference values the growth of the HCI community. HCI academics and practitioners—whether newcomers or veterans—are invited to converse, share ideas, and learn from each other. Others interested in HCI are welcomed to bring new energy to the field.

Global community and access

The CHI conference brings people together, regardless of whether they have the ability to travel to our annual event. As such, hybrid formats are encouraged where both local and remote attendees can contribute. People who are unable to travel will not be prevented from having their accepted work presented and published.

The CHI conference aims to be accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of individual characteristics.  We put strategic effort into the physical and digital accessibility of the spaces and tools we use to meet.


The CHI conference acknowledges the sustainability effects of  physical conferences on the environment. The CHI conference aims to minimize the environmental impact of the participants’ attendance at the physical event.  

CHI is fun

Old friends gather and new friends meet at CHI. Attendees thrive on the mix of intense session material and interest-driven events. Together, the content and participants create an environment that is energizing, light-hearted, and even a little weird.

CHI is planned and built for the long-term

CHI learns from the past, looks to the future, and adapts to the changing needs of the community year-on-year. We are bold and forward thinking in our ambition. We are not afraid of failure.

CHI has served the HCI community for a long time now, and will continue to expand, adapt, and evolve while adhering to this mission, vision, and values.


This document was prepared by the CHI Steering Committee to guide the conference into the future. We acknowledge prior work on vision and values, in particular, we were guided by this and this. The Steering Committee approved this vision in October, 2021.